MY REVIEW: Anti-Ad:60 | Doritos

A brand can be pronounced for iconic only if people can recognize it without needing to look at its logo, name or tagline. Well, Doritos has just achieved that!

In its new “Another Level” campaign, created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Doritos ditches its name, logo and tagline, leaving only plain red and blue bags. The ad focuses on the fact that people still recognize the brand even with its missing elements.

“This is an ad with no logos, no jingles, no gimmicks…But an ad with no logo? That’s another level!”

However, the advert isn’t just one-off. The new marketing strategy is expanding even more on social media. All of the Doritos’ previous social media content on all the platforms has been deleted, opening a place for a new, crowdsourced one. Fans will use the hashtag #LogoGoesHere to describe what “Another Level” means to them as Doritos also switched its tagline from “For the Bold” to “Another Level”.

So far, the content, playing the role of the iconic triangular shape crisps includes a pyramid, street signs and pool balls in a triangle.

A Snapchat filter will also allow supporters to “triangle themselves”.

The distinctive chips triangle shape with the slogan “Logo Goes Here”

Doritos even changed its domain name to and social media handles to logo_goes_here.

It’s not a surprise that their social media description has also switched, now containing the lines from the ad:

“The account for a chip so iconic,

We don’t need to name it.

Taste it.

Wipe the dust on your street clothes,

Rhymes with “I need those”

Pass the _____.”

The brave move is a demonstration of “Another Level” marketing, rejecting the traditional one, which the brand hopes to be a successful strategy which they can apply in the future.

Confident, right?

But why they do it, you may ask? The target of the campaign is Gen Z, whose distinctive characteristic is perceiving information quickly and visually. That focuses on non-traditional and ad-free marketing.

If you look closer to the end of the ad, you will notice that even the small print on the bottom of the video is Gen Z-friendly:

“Lawyers love to spoil the fun. Another Level is a trademark of Frito-Lay North America, Inc. Pretend you didn’t see,”

I think that’s a very bold move from the brand and enjoy the campaign because is interesting, unexpected and memorable. Definitely, Doritos’ influence on the market will reflect on the success of it.

The brand joins a list of companies such as Mastercard, Starbucks and Diet Coke, that have also removed logos or brand names from their marketing materials.

What do you think of Doritos bold advertising? Let me know in the comments section below.

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